Chainitlab is where innovative
ideas find flexible
IT solutions.

What we do

At Chainitlab we embrace innovative ideas and concepts, with a fervent desire to make them real. In Switzerland Chainitlab is focusing on fintech opportunities, notably through the application of Blockchain and Deep Learning tech.
We develop mobile and web applications, from an IT as well as a creative perspective, supporting great ideas as business partners.

Blockchain Solutions

We support Blockchain Switzerland Association, the first decentralized organization of its kind

We have our own blockchain product: ChainitSignature which is based on biometric signature application, implemented in a leading multinational bank, and fully legally compliant. We have started to support various teams pre and post ICO in developing their blockchain ideas.

End-to-End Web & Mobile

We work with the latest technologies & brightest designers.

Are you looking for flexible solutions that look great?

In Chainitlab, you find eager designers and passionate developers.

We co-pilot new concepts together with entrepreneurs and innovation teams and deliver front end and back end solutions.

We speak the following languages in house.

AI Solutions

We love Deep Learning – Artificial Intelligence capabilities

Do you need to solve a problem faster, and more reliably then any human could do? We are not afraid of Artificial Intelligence. We so far have focused on Deep Learning for investment banking, portfolio allocation, fraud detection and risk assessment.

Augmented Reality and 3D Solutions

Design moves on as well – discover how virtual into your world

We work with architects as well as developers – as to provide strong and vivid augmented experiences.
We believe augmented reality solutions need to work, be simple and must be elegant to convince.